Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Political-Legal Environment

The Political Environment Role of Government in the Economy Participator Regulator Ideologies and Marketing Capitalism, Socialism, or Democracy? Nationalism Stability Indicators of Instability International Relations Conclusions on the Political Environment The Legal Environment of International Marketing Taxes and Organisation Form FCN and Tax Treaties IMF and GATT UNCITRAL-A Step Ahead Patents Trademarks The International Air: ICAO, IATA, ITU, Intelsat IATA ITU and Intersat Regional Groupings and International Law The EC Example The World of International Law Foreign Laws and International Marketing Common Law versus Code Law Foreign Laws and Foreign Marketing The Enforcement of the Laws Arbitration or Litigation? The Marketer Is Not a Lawyer Key Terms Index Questions. The politics and the laws of a nation both influence the practice of international- marketing. The political environment of' international marketing- includes any national or international political factors that can direct its operations or its (decision making. The elements of' the, environment that concern us here, are the role of the government in the economy, economic and political ideology, international relation's, and business-government- relations in general.

reference: www.marketing.org