Saturday, October 24, 2009

Three Basic Rules for Management Communication

1. Tell them in advance
This brings up rule number one. Whether you’re dealing with salespeople, floor-sweepers or doctors, anytime you as a manager need to make a decision that affects peoples lives, tell them well in advance of the event taking place. At work, this usually affects the pocketbook or the employee’s benefits.

2. Give enough information
Another communication problem that will come back to bite managers and supervisors is miscommunication, being misinterpreted.A second rule of communication then, for those in authority, is to provide sufficient information for the employee to be able to answer the question "Why?"

3. Ensure your messages are congruent
What about non-verbal communication? I’m not talking here about tone of voice and hand gestures, although that stuff is critical for effective communication too. I’m referring to a more global aspect of management communication that I’ll simply call congruency.
By following these rules the manager's should build a strong relation with customers due to which the co workers work hard for the development of their company.theses 3 rules was given by karl walinskas


Syed Ahmad Hashmi said...

Much needed thought. Good work my friend.

TAHIR AZAD said...

add 1 more thing which is feedback