Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Change Domain Registrar

There comes a time when you decide whether to start a website or transfer a website from one host to another. On both occasions, you need new accommodation you need to transfer files to the new site. You should also tell your domain name at the point - you must change your domain name servers or DNS.

Domain Name System or DNS name server, the data are defined by the hosting provider. It can be found both in their own control panel, or a FAQ page webhosts. If you can not find work productivity DNS information, please contact your host.

Also, if you bought your domain name, by default, the DNS of your domain point to the registration page is parked. If you are not using a domain, and you decide not to change the default DNS, the record is really make money from clicks of visitors to your domain.

The domain name server or DNS is used as background for a domain, contributes to solving domains into IP addresses.

The following steps describe the general process of changing DNS for your domain:

First Login to your account Registrar

2. Accessing the management interface for your domain.

Jump to 3rd change the Name Server function.

Enter the fourth new DNS information and record.a

It is also important to note that some registrars can not give an obvious way to get both the DNS name and IP addresses of the DNS of your domains. Check your registrar FAQ on the use of DNS evolution of advanced features, or contact your registrar directly.