Monday, August 29, 2011

Cloud Technology Explained

The cloud computing service for games OnLive is a huge breakthrough for publishers and players. Even seven years in the making, the online gaming service has recently launched and announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The term "cloud" is a reference to technology or information service that is hosted on another location and then delivered over the Internet. While many companies to include the e-mail and even PayPal are considered based on the cloud, OnLive it takes to a whole new level.Cloud technology explained

OnLive cloud service is a browser plug-in that allows a person to play online and in real time. This means that the equipment is expensive and complicated servers have been removed. Instead, OnLive servers located in five data centers, management of all the heavy work. The end user simply accesses the Internet and immediately have the ability to play online with your TV, PC or Macintosh.Cloud technology explained

The technology that enables cloud computing OnLive is so successful is a method of compression algorithm. Normal speed of rapid movement of data over the Internet has improved. In fact, this new technology OnLive cloud capable of transmitting 60 frames per second in standard-definition graphics, 1.5 Mbps, and as much as 720 m using a 5 Mbps connection, OnLive cloud technology is a very short delay of one millisecond between what the player sees and what happens is OnLive server.Cloud technology explained

However, technology as part of the cloud OnLive goes further. For players who do not want to be caught sitting at a computer as a form of play, a small hardware device known as MicroConsole be used. This console has USB ports and an HDMI output, which acts as a thin client computer games and Internet. The other option is that the player uses an integrated web browser, which provides independent features.

All these benefits of cloud computing OnLive is really amazing, but then considering that the end user has the option to play games in real time, all this becomes even more spectacular. With OnLive, a player can choose to play individually or standalone game, or get involved with other players around the world of interactive games. A special feature called Brag Clips even allows players to save 10 second clips of different game outcomes, which can then be shared or bragged on.Cloud technology explained

Annual mean cloud computing OnLive for online gaming is not available until later in the year, but expectations are high. Reasonable prices, no waiting time for games to download or install, and high-speed, high-definition games in real time, it is easy to see why OnLive cloud makes the effect on the world of online gaming. The best part is that the founder of OnLive, Steve Perlman is even more development on the horizon, things that are useful for game publishers, creators and players.Cloud technology explained