Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Rules for Niche Marketing

Niche marketing has become extremely popular nowadays. I read about the three rules of niche marketing on the website of
These three rules are 1. meet the unique needs of the consumers, 2. say the right thing to the consumers, 3. do test market the product.
The niche marketer should meet the specific needs of the targeted consumers. If those needs are not met, then the product will definitely fail.
Second, the marketer should position the product correctly. The value proposition should be adequate so that it should complement the product's position.
Furthermore, the marketer should test the product before launching it in the market. This can be done through introducing the product in a small part of the market.
This is what I understood from the information in the website. You guys can check out the complete information at the website address given below.


Taha Saeed said...

yar a good piece of info...

Syed Ahmad Hashmi said...

Niche marketing is a very unique marketing concept. Thanks bro for highlighting it for the MEGA Quiz.